Our audit procedures

We initiate each audit project according to customer requests. We propose it to potentially interested companies and we determine the price according to the number of interested customers. To protect the customers commercial information, no participant is informed of the identity of the other participants.

After issuance of the report, we request a plan of corrective action from the auditee, which we follow up. The customers receive updates as we receive them from the auditee. Each audit report contains a summary, a recommendation, a list of non-conformities, as well as detailed observations on quality management, personnel training, facilities, equipment, materials management, production management, packaging, and laboratory controls. For each subsection, a list of areas visited and document reviewed is provided.

The focus of the audits

The focus depends on the circumstances of the audit. In the case of multi-product equipment cross-contamination control, cleaning validation will be attentively reviewed. For fermentation products, the microbiological purity of the broths would be another focus area. The protection of analytical data integrity is reviewed for all products.

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